Make new business connections, enjoy good food, and have fun growing your business - all on your lunch hour

Meet People On Your Lunch Hour

Pick a Day

This week or next to network on your lunch hour.

Pick a Restaurant

Or the group that appeals to you from a list of options

Show Up

At the restaurant and enjoy your lunch with 1, 2, or 3 other business people.

You'll Have a Dynamic
People Experience
You'll Have a Dynamic
People Experience
Meet a Wide Variety of Businesspeople
You'll be having lunch with businesspeople at all levels and from a wide variety of industries - face to face. Their business experience and personal connections will help you boost your business.
Be a Star
You'll be the only person in your profession at the table. Since your group will consist of just you and one or two other businesspeople, you can enjoy being the center of attention.
New Contacts? Repeat Visits?
You Get to Choose
As you know, it can take meeting someone two or three times before you get results. That's why ConnectForLunch lets you have lunch with both new contacts and with people you've met before. After all, you may have met someone at lunch four months ago; but are they still thinking of you now?
Learn from Others' Business Experience.
Bring your current business challenges to the table. Use lunchtime as a safe laboratory where you can ask your lunch partners to help you think outside the box. The businesspeople at your table can feel like experts, and you may be surprised at what they have to contribute.

Your ConnectForLunch Community

You can be confident that your lunch partners are joining your group to become part of your network, rather than to sell you something. This is why they will find out who you are and what you do only after they have committed to joining your group.

Ridiculously Simple

Network on Your Lunch Hour
Save evenings for family, friends or that hobby you never seem to have time for. You're going to have lunch anyway, so make that the time to grow your business.
Crunched for Time?
Craving Mexican Food? The Choice Is Yours.
Choose a restaurant that suits your mood. Or choose one that's conveniently close to your business address. You pick.
We'll Make the Restaurant Reservation For You.
You Just Show Up.
We'll Introduce You
Forget your elevator speech when you sit down at the table. You won't need it. We will have already sent your business information and your bio to your lunch partners. You'll feel like old friends before you even shake hands.
No More Saving All Those Business Cards.
You'll have convenient 24/7 access to all the contact info, photos, and bios of your lunch partners - plus your notes - in your lunch history.
Capture Those Deductions You've Been Overlooking.
You'll love us at tax time. We automatically calculate your mileage and keep track of the cost of your lunches. At tax time, download your deductions with the click of a button. They've already been added up for you.
Go to lunch as early as tomorrow
All this available for less than $6.00 per lunch appointment (Risk-Free*),
when you buy 20 lunch credits.
Risk Free: ConnectForLunch
*Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee
If, within 30 days of attending your first lunch, you attend a second lunch, and you are not convinced that this program is going to make you a lot of business connections, in a fun way, conveniently...

...simply contact our Member Services. If you haven't canceled or missed any lunch appointments you committed to, you will receive a prompt refund for those two lunches.

And, we will promptly refund any unused lunch credits anytime within 6 months of purchase.